DINGLI 500kv steel pipe tower delivered to Vietnam Electric Power Group (EVN)


In April 2024, DINGLI undertook the 500kV steel pipe tower project of EVN in Vietnam. The project is a key project supervised by the Vietnamese government. In order to alleviate the power shortage situation in Vietnam in summer, there are strict time node requirements for the power time of the project. 5 tower types of nearly 1000 tons of steel pole tower, from make production drawings to delivery time is only 45 days. The biggest difficulty of the project is the production of drawings and the customize of steel pipe raw materials. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have launched the green channel for special projects, which integrates the strength of the whole DINGLI group to ensure the performance and delivery. Finally, all steel pipe towers are delivered smoothly within the time specified by the customer. Our performance ability is highly recognized by customers.

DINGLI has 8 factories in China and overseas, including iron tower field, switchgear and box-type substation field, civil air defense door and underground pipe gallery, cement pole, railway and high-speed rail support, telecommunications tower and other areas.

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