The second batch of bulk carriers to Indonesia was successfully shipped


Today, the cargoes sent by HENAN DINGLI to Indonesia have been loaded smoothly and will be sent to Indonesia soon. The goods include complete sets of materials for transmission lines, conductors, ground wires, fiber optic cables, fittings, insulators, etc., and primary equipment for substations: GIS, main transformers, etc.

The company specially sent a team of supervisors to ensure the safety of the shipment of goods on site throughout the whole process, to do a good job of reinforcement and protection.

In each drum of the conductor, multi reinforcement was done.

In terms of logistics solutions, HENAN DINGLI also has value-added services.

According to years of experience in serving turnkey projects, we provide customers with a percentage of extra products to prevent bumping and damage after arriving at the site, which will affect the construction progress of the project, and we can retrieve them from the spare parts warehouse in time.

We also make distinctions for substations in different areas, and complete packing and sorting efficiently and quickly.

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